Time for a massage…

Koha për masazh…

Many people think of massage as a way to "pamper" themselves. But massages are much more than a relaxation treatment. Massages also provide many health benefits to our bodies and help maintain mental, physical and emotional well-being.

Different types of massage provide relief from everyday body aches that result from spending too much time sitting, on the ground or from various injuries.

Benefits of massage can include:

Reducing stress and increasing relaxation
Reduction of pain and muscle tension
Improving circulation, energy and alertness
Lowering heart rate and blood pressure
Improving immune function

At the same time, various studies have revealed that massage is also useful for:

Fighting anxiety
Digestive disorders
Stress-related insomnia
Pain in the lower back
Nerve pain
Strains or soft tissue injuries
Sports injuries
Pain in the upper back and neck

At "Aromë Gruaje", we offer various massage services.

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