Arome Gruaje Beauty Center, where inside it is framed a very beloved cafe where every day hosts dozens of visitors, the women's day was born on March 8, 2021 in the vision: Everyone deserves the opportunity to feel beautiful in a peaceful space, to clean and personalized like our environment. The truth is that, we believe that every person is beautiful and it is our greatest joy to help people feel themselves as we see them: excellent, inside and out.

We love our work very much, and we are committed to being among the best in this industry. Therefore, we have reservations for weeks in advance. Our team are professionals with over 18 years of experience, well-known and skilled.

We know that when you come to us, you don't just come for a waxing or facial or hair treatment. You'll walk in feeling rejuvenated, rejuvenated, walk out feeling human again, ready to take on the world. And it's our greatest pleasure to make that happen for you, every time.

Just like you - we're more than just a pretty face.

We know that beauty doesn't stop at the salon door. We are surrounded by an incredibly beautiful world and we want to keep it that way. This is why Aroma Woman is eco-friendly, from the way we wash our towels to the type of sound insulation in our walls, the sterilization of all the equipment used in the autoclave, as well as the environment in each service room, to the water filtered that is used throughout our Center, up to washing the hair, which is done with filtered water, as well as detox water in crystal glasses, which is offered before or after each service as desired.

More about us...

Arome Gruaje, this innovative concept comes to Tirana with the experience related to equipment for body treatments as well as those for the face, together with the latest quality products. Our services have been carefully selected to offer the best products at the best prices. acceptable in the market.

Arome Gruaje naturally offers the treatment you all want and deserve. Our location in the center of Tirana, just 4 minutes walking from Skanderbeg Square will make everything easy, and with parking around the building, it will make it convenient to get all the service you need on time, as well as comfortable accommodation. . You will immediately be in the room that will be at your service.

Arome Gruaje Beauty Center is innovative in the way we take care of each service. For your body, your face, your hair and for your nails. We at Arome Gruaje Beauty Center are always looking to create value for our customers by offering the best service with the best product with perfect values. Our brand new innovative services for relaxing body massage therapies and our signature Coffee Bar are always quick and easy for you.

Not just a service but an experience, personalized treatment rooms, super clean place, positive energy with welcoming drinks, warm atmosphere and a great place to relax. Our inspiration for the name comes from the well-known movie "Scent of a Woman" where the main protagonist is the well-known actor Al Pacino. At the center of the movie is a woman, beautiful in her naturalness. Being yourself in your original beautiful version, taking the shine of Arome Gruaje is our dedication and pleasure dedicated to you.