Lek 1,200.00 – Lek 20,000.00

1200 Lek
2500 Lek
3500 Lek
4500 Lek
5000 Lek
7500 Lek
8500 Lek
9000 Lek
10,000 Lek
12000 Lek
20000 Lek
Lek 1,200.00
Payment Methods
Arome Gruaje, you can pay with one of the following payment methods: - Payment at the Center - Payment by Credit or Debit Card
around us

around us

Arome Gruaje Beauty Center & Coffee Bar, this innovative concept comes to Tirana with experience related to equipment and products for body, face and hair treatments, as well as massages. Our services are carefully selected to offer the best quality and most affordable prices in the market.